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34970A Read command gives -103 error  IOMonitor log shows formatting issue.

Question asked by Danstack on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by tomc

I have a 34970A machine that is giving an unexpected response on "Read".  It seems to be adding some formatting that I am having trouble getting around.


See example below:


Working Setup Read response (without quotes):



Not Working Setup Read response (without quotes):




I use an excel based macro to measure values.


Both systems were working normally for awhile.  It now appears to be improperly formatting the data (as compared to how it previously worked) on one of the machines, and excel is giving me an error of "Type Mismatch".  The 34970A is giving "+521" and "-103".


The variable in Excel i am trying to associate to the command is a "Double" type variable.


I have multiple test stations using the exact same excel macro with this set of commands (different Agilent 34970A units and computers).


I have tested another computer with the latest software, and it appears to give me the same problem as the one I am having issues with now.  I am beginning to think it is an update/software/firmware related concern I am having.


Please see attached screenshots from the IOMonitor for the working setup, and problem setup.  I have also attached the actual logs which appear a little more difficult to interpret (for me).