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u1253b dual display -odd behavior resistance measurement

Question asked by Zapper on Oct 11, 2017

When measuring a resistance on the meter, I get the following:

resistance mode  1.06ohms  (1 ohm resistor, 1% ) seems reasonable, leads were not nulled


If I hit dual display I get the following

mV bias, 0 or -0.01, resistance now is 1.89 ohms

mA leak, 0.01 resistance now 1.85ohms


Now if I change the range I get the following

range 5K

mV bias, 0.00, resistance 0.0031kohm

range 50K

mv bias 0.01, resistance 0.022Kohm

range 500K 

mv bias 0.01, resistance 0.21Kohm



What is going on?