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FM source modulation index

Question asked by Ivan_RF on Oct 9, 2017

I'm trying to learn Genesys and started with simple superheterodyne FM receiver

But for me isn't clear how to set modulation index in simple modulated voltage source

That's the attached example of modulated FM source. We have 100 MHz carier freqency, 1 MHz modulating freqency and... million modulation index. Make some calcullations and get freqency deviation 500 GHz. That's drivel! Transient analys shows 100 MHz frequency deviation as i can see (50 MHz to 150 MHz)

In source setup this parameter named "Freqency Modulation Factor", not index. Maybe that's different terms? In Soviet Russia we know about modulation index only

So, could anyone explain me, how it works and what i misunderstand?