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Dr. Joel time gating algoritm(post-gate renormalization)

Question asked by jay799 on Apr 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2011 by Dr_joel
I am trying to build a time domain gating algorithm in matlab. Namely,
With given freq domain data --> transform to time domain --> reomve unwanted response with gating --> return back to freq domain.

My final freq response after time domain gating shows significant roll off at the end of freuqunecy range of interest (they are s11 and s21 data obtained from simulation tool not the actual measurement, 0.1~3.5 GHz with 401 points).
I have read Appl.Note 1287-12 and the paper Joel Dunsmore etal. "Network analyzer time domain transforms and compensation of time domain gated responses.", but still not clear how to compensate it.
I was able to renormalize the amplitude drop occured by zero-padding in the ifft but still having trouble to get rid of this roll-off effect.

Is there any chance I can get more detail about the compensation algoritm?

Jae Chung
Grad student in Ohio State univ.