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Calibrating  SMPM/GPPO

Question asked by DavidC on Oct 4, 2017



Looking for recommended methods to remove the effects  of Fixturing. That consists of multiple matched 6 inch cables with the end that our PNA test Cables connect to is SMA-F,  and the other end a SMPM-F Connector which our DUT connects to.


We have a N5242A-224,29,87 running 10.49.09 (Currently dose not have AFR). A double 3.5 mm-F ecal kit.

We don't have a SMPM Cal standards.

We have SMPM adapters.

Right now looking for a fairly quick accurate way to have calibration to  do Gain,Return Loss, Phase and Amplitude ripple, Noise figure and ip3 measurements . We are currently looking for short term solution. A few things been kicking around :


1.Automatic port extension


2.Time gating for VSWR and then compensating power and loss for thru measurements.


3.Calibrating the PNA test cables , adding a short SMPM-M to SMA-F to test port 2 cable, Use Automatic port extension  with no connection as a open, turn "Fixturing ON" to move the test plane to the end of the adapter. Measure the fixturing cable, saving the data as a s2p file to be used for de-embedding purposes.


4.Using  a short SMPM-M to SMA-M adapters to calibrate extra fixture cables with the ecal other than not sure how to remove the additional adapters from the cal. Don't believe we can characterize the ecal with the adapters without SMPM cal standards.


Know long term need to be calibrating at the SMPM plane to take in account the degradation of the fixture  or be replacing the cables regularly.