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ADC and Zero Calibration on a 34461A

Question asked by joaor on Oct 4, 2017


We are trying to perform a “ADC and Zero Calibration” on a 34461A. As I can understand (from page 543 of the Operation Service pdf) we have two steps, one “Perform ADC Cal” that works fine on both front and rear with a shunt on the input; and a second step for “Perform Cal Step” that we are getting always the error message “Calibration Step Failed”.

Could you help us figuring out what is wrong?

Also if we move to the “DC Voltage Gain Calibration” (page 552) and deliver to the unit (for example) 1V with range 1V, cal value of 1V and click on the “Perform Cal Step” it does work fine. It seems to have an issue only on the Zero Calibration even with all ranges and cal value of 0.


Thank you for the help