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Any way to reset a VNA with SCPI while waiting with *OPC?

Question asked by afcec on Oct 3, 2017
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I have an external application that controls the VNA using SCPI over Ethernet. There is also a movement controller synchronized with the analiser using a TTL pulse to the back BNC "external trigger" connector.The movement controller executes a movement for a specific mechanical axis and triggers the VNA at each specific position. The syncrhonization is being done with *OPC? so the software waits for "+1" indicating that the new sweep is completed before requesting the data.


Everything works fine, but, if for any reason the trigger never comes (imagine for example that the movement speed is too high) the analiser will be always waiting for the sweep completion, therefore not accepting new commands through SCPI (*RST, *CLS...) If this happens, is there any option to reset the analiser and recover the SCPI communication without phisically touching the reset button from the device?


Thanks in advance