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Deembedding on SA channel

Question asked by MrRobot on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by hognala

The deembedding command CSET:FIXT:DEEM works great for everything exept SA measurement channels. I have used it sucessfully on standard-, GCX-, SMC- and NFX channels. Deembedding SA channels manually works too. But I get an error if I do it remotely: "+331,"The fixturing operation failed."" The command looks like:

    CSET:FIXT:DEEM "CH1_CALREG","DeEmbed_Ch1","myDeEmbedTestFile.s2p",1,1,1


I have tried with the most simple setup from a preset but the error is the same.


I have noticed that the remote command does not seem to do exactly the same as I do manually. When deembedding manually, I set fixturing to on after having created a deembed-file (with the 2-port de-embedding menu selection). But the remote command creates a CalSet. I never found a way to remotely do exactly what I do manually, but this has never been a problem, until now. Could this be a reason, that the remote command simply does not support deembedding SA-channels?