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Performing Bandwidth analysis on multiple peaks

Question asked by HexOmega on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by daras

I'm currently working with a PNA-X N5242A and have been working on writing a macro to determine the Q factor of multiple peaks that occur within a sweep, and have a few questions on how to make this easier;


First, is it possible to have the PNA display the Q factor to a higher decimal value on the display? The default value seems to be only 2, and I could benefit from much greater accuracy


Second, is it possible to output the results of the bandwidth analysis to a csv file? Currently my attempts to save the displayed data results in only the trace being saved, and not the bandwidth information


Finally (and probably the most complicated question) Is there an elegant way to have the macro move from peak to peak and perform the bandwidth analysis? My current solution involves redefining the bounds of my marker after each bandwidth search and saving an image of the screen, which I know is a terrible way to go about doing this. Is there a way to have my marker move to the next peak, and define that as the new maximum value, because if I attempt this and perform a bandwidth calculation it just moves back to the original (highest) value of the sweep.