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DSO-X 3014A oscilloscope suggestion and a problem to report:

Question asked by mr_ed_montagnoli on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by algoss

I get a DSO-x 3014A oscilloscope with all basic  licenses. I have a suggestion and a problem to report::  1 - I Develop automotive applications and it would be possible to put in the "MEAS" menu the option of RPM - Rotations per minute? Tiring having to convert Hz to RPM into real-time problems. 2 - I'm trying to create a waveform (specifically a 24-2-tooth crank wheel) in the Arbitrary Waveform function but there is a bug in the program...  If you had the options of generating crank wheell signals (60-2, 48-2, etc) it would be interesting to all. I would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me to further specify this problem; Thanks a lot!!!