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Crash when trying to view recorded data

Question asked by fernandooliveira on Sep 27, 2017
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I am trying to do a simple log using BenchVue with my DSO-X 2014A by monitoring the frequency of a signal in channel 1. The integration with oscilloscope is running ok, I can change parameters, get traces, screenshots, etc. The Test Flow also seems to be running with no issues: I got a condition that is correctly monitored and screen capture and trace are recorded (apparently). I am having trouble when I try to reach the recorded data. Every time I go to Data Manager, Test Flow preview tab or Test Flow Viewer and select trace or picture taken icons to load, the software crashes with some sort of index out of bounds issue. In the viewer, the error is an object handler issue. I am attaching the log report for both softwares. I've tested in both windows 7 and 10. The preview window is also not working on Data Manager. The .hdf5 files doesn't seems to be corrupted.


I kindly ask you to reply to me as soon as possible because I am searching for options to debug a failure in a patient monitor, so we have to hurry up!


Kind regards,

Fernando Oliveira