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Apply for educational VSA license

Question asked by Csaba on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Csaba

Dear Keysight,


We already filled out the application form for the educational VSA license in March, but no response was received by us not by email and not by phone. So I decided to try to get some help via this forum.


We are using Keysight signal analyzers and scopes in our corses at Óbuda University, and along with a larger pruches a few years ago, we received an educational license for the 89601A VSA softvare. As 89601A is no longer updated, we are trying to renew/transfer our current license for the 89601B educational version. We are already using the VSA software for a number of courses including but not limited to GSM, LTE, DOCSIS and Bluetooth vector signal analysis, and we want to extend this with DVB-T/T2, LTE advanced and 802.11ac analysis, but that is only possible with access to the new 89601B VSA software.


I hope we are eigible for this educational license, as that is the only way our students can see and learn these kind of technologies. Please contact me via the email address I used for registration, that is my official university email address.