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Error code -214, Trigger deadlock error on U2022XA power sensor while using Internal Trigger

Question asked by dware1983 on Sep 27, 2017

I'm getting an Error code -214, "Trigger deadlock" error on U2022XA power sensor while using Internal Trigger.


I have Continuous Trigger Mode Set To Off and the Trigger Source Set to Internal. I have confirmed that both of these commands were excepted by sending a query after to confirm.  When I send "INIT:IMM" after setting up my measurement I get the -214 Error Code. 


When I look at the U2021-90003 manual it says this error can only occur if Continuous Trigger Mode is ON and if the trigger source is set to BUS or HOLD.


If I chose to ignore the error and follow up with a FETC? I still get the correct power reading anyway after the RF pulse level goes above the set trigger level.


 I've replicated this issue both in LabWindows/CVI program I wrote and also in NI MAX sending all my commands manually.  Is there something I'm missing or have encountered a bug in the firmware?