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Firmware update for 8340x/8341x RF Sweep Generators

Question asked by on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by jonathan.falco

I have several old 8340A’s, 8340B’s, 8341A’s, and 8341B’s that I'm interested in upgrading the firmware to use with some 8510C Network Analyzers that are coming-out of long-term storage.    According to the 8510C service manual, these Generators need to be firmware revision 1992 or greater.    So far, most of our assets appear to fall within the 1985 – 1988 vintage.


Does anyone still have documentation available about these firmware updates, and/or upgrade instructions?


I tried contacting the support e-mail for Keysight, and got this really confusing reply that didn't answer any of my questions.    I'm hoping that the humans here, might give me better results?