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Could not determine vertex/edge length at 2 locations.

Question asked by eechen on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by eechen

Attempting to design equation-based patch antenna--paraboloid. Aside from equation-based, this is a standard patch antenna. Since it's nonplanar, experiencing difficulties feeding (feeds tend to be planar), instead of planar feed (i.e. TNC), using Feed Port with ends at ground and patch.


EMPro states project is valid--all good there. None of design is imported, all "made." Inspect Geometry tool indicates zero issues.


Issue: During meshing, Log File indicates "Could not determine vertex/edge length at 2 locations."


EMPro does not elaborate more. Where are these locations? How can I find them?

Why not "beef up" EMPro's troubleshooting tips? Too often the guidance given from CAD is too vague to take action on.


Any guidance?