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E5071B Docs Where? + SCPI S2P Question

Question asked by ajpikul on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by ajpikul

I guess the most important thing: Does anyone have a PDF to the SCPI reference for the E5071B? I know it's legacy... sorry... (Agilent Technologies,E5071B,MY42301212,A.08.11)


I'm trying to get a .S2P file from a SCPI command but it always returns BLANK on two paramters (it works on the soft panel). 




But the results look like:


#6012817!Agilent Technologies,E5071B,MY42301212,A.08.11
!Date: Tue Sep 19 09:38:26 2017
!Data & Calibration Information:
!Freq S11:NONE(--) S21:NONE(--) S12:NONE(--) S22:NONE(--)
# Hz S dB R 50
500000 -2.00e+002 0.0e+0 -5.621048e+0 -1.312097e+002 -2.00e+002 0.0e+0 -1.566825e+0 1.425564e+002
505000 -2.00e+002 0.0e+0 -5.453417e+0 -1.312548e+002 -2.00e+002 0.0e+0 -1.592134e+0 1.415268e+002


Regardless of line wrapping, you'll notice that 4 columns (S11 and S12) come out to be zero! That doesn't happen when we use the soft keys.


I did notice that running any of these (not all of these) will change what columns are output:



Could someone help me figure out what's going on?