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rms noise floor of port3 lower than others

Question asked by xumingyi on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by algoss

The scope is DSOZ594A. I measured the noise floor of 4 ports at 100mV/div, 200mV/div and 500mV/div,

and the noise floor of port3 is "significantly" lower then others at 200mV/div, is that a problem?


Vrms of port1~4:

100mV/div:    4.3mV     4.5mV      4.2mV    4.4mV

200mV/div:    10.5mV   10.7mV    8.2mV    10.8mV

500mV/div:    22.2mV   23.0mV    21.5mV   22.7mV