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Using frequency doubler on 8510C

Question asked by SatAntGuy on Sep 12, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2009 by martine1212
Greetings all,

We are cheap guys and therefore try to save money.  Toward that end, we have experimented with using a frequency doubler on an 8350/83540 sweeper into an 8510C/8514B system.  Everything (cal and measurements) seems to operate correctly (we may have to reduce the sweep speed to prevent loss of lock).  The data and the displays from the analyzer, of course, think that the unit is operating at the un-doubled frequency but that is not a particular problem with interpretation.   We have tried two doublers - one from Minicircuits, ZX-90-2-50-S+, 7-10 GHz output and the other from RF Bay, FDR-8-16, 8-16 GHz output.  Both work fine, just have to increase the analyzer/sweeper power output.  We compared our S11 results on a 5.7 GHz microstrip patch antenna with the measurements on a PNA - they were very close to the same (we did not quantify the numbers).

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for improvements?