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How about LOG vertical and horizontal display scale for PNAs, ENAs?

Question asked by mirek on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by mirek

I wonder if you can add new option to PNAs display setting. What i am thinking is to be able to change the vertical and horizontal scale to LOG.

I have and an issue to see some details for example stability factor when the values can go in to thousands however you will like to see the performance around 1 and the thousands. Below couple example:


It will be also practical for filters evaluation where pass band is close to 1dB (and you look for flatness details) and stop band can go to 100 dB or so. 

You may notice that I multiply the value by -1 (log will not take the negative value).

You will need to make some trick to display both positive and negative value in log scale.

The horizontal log scale also will be practical. Right now we can play with the sweep type (log , linear or segmented). We do have some option with horizontal frequency format (frequency or order base) . I think log display format should be in there too.