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Is abrupt change in GPS CN0R reasonable?

Question asked by MSL on Sep 14, 2017


Step1:  Open the example  "baseband verification/GNSS/GPS/GPS_CNR_estimation/design1";  change only 1 parameter "BlockNumStop" in G1 from 3 to 9;  then everything normal showing G1.CN0R around 42dB;

Step 2: Sweep parameter "NoiseFigure" in A2 from 5 to 6 with step 1; G1.CN0R show normal results around 39dB for all blocks at NF=5dB, but at NF=6dB, some blocks show G1.CN0R abrupt change to -10000


My questions: 

1) Is it reasonable for the abrupt change in CN0R when NF only change 1dB; (simulator bug or wrong setting?)

2) What should I do if I want G1.CN0R to show normal  value (say around 38dB) instead of -10000?