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N5413B/N5413C DDR2 Compliance App: Incorrect Connection Diagram?

Question asked by RedShirt on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by algoss

I'm using scope MSOS604A with the DDR2 compliance app, and it seems that the connect diagrams are incorrect in a couple places.


  1. To measure tDS for the Data Mask signal, a probe would need to be connected to the DM pin. That's not shown in the Connection Diagram.
  2. To measure tDS1(derate), I believe the probe connected to DQS would need to be singled-ended, but the connection diagram still shows DQS and DQS connected to the differential probe together. The connection diagram does show a single-ended probe on DQS for the tDS1(base) measurement.


Both of these issues apply to multiple measurements in same group of tests.