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PNA-X : How do I measure Noise Figure for 100W amplifier?

Question asked by mirek on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by mirek

I am trying to measure 100W amplifier on PNA-X, and I have difficulty to measure Noise Figure in the same time as I measure S-parameter (including stability factor), PxdB and Intermodulation. 

In My setup I am using external 35 dB, high power coupler with around 26 dB safety attenuator in to port 2 (See attach block diagram).

Amps that I testing have gain between 50-60 dB and Noise Figure between 5-15dB (not exactly low noise amps). For Calibration I choose scalar with noise receiver. How should I calibrate to get good readings? 

The PNA-X is N5242A with FW: A.10.49.11


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