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Warning to buyers of used test equipment

Question asked by theamberco on Aug 26, 2017

I have been cheated by a "person" that only takes Western Union as form of payment, At first that was odd to me so I called the person and gave me a story of ONE person trying to get money refund from him saying to his bank the card was stolen blah blah, So that was the reason he will never take paypal anymore only Western Union. I was told by another person I know for some years he was ok, but that person only knew him by a group the sellers owns! he has never met him.

So he sold me at a very good price a 8510C system. He sent the system but it had many issues. Screen so dimed you could not see a grid at all, sweeper missing one bolt for the HP-IB, Test set missing nut from the 3.5mm RF connector so if you move a little the cable the IF was lost. He told me about that lose nut only after I got the system home. The worst part is that the test set will not go beyond 18GHz and it is a 26.5GHz system, so it has a lot of ripples after 18GHz and unleveled lost IF, etc. This same guy had Two other Test sets available, for some time I explained to him the problems he said the grid is like that the ripples at the end are normal the lost IF just tight the nut, but it was missing inside and all  others lose. Anyhow I asked him politely I had problem he said is not his equipment is my cables or connectors nothing from him, then after I changed all and run the performance test s that failed he said after calibration it should be ok but it is not. The thing is that he has TWO OTHER TEST sets and that "person" preferred to sell then as aluminum and gold than to sell them to me not even at the same price as before, he even said he goes to a shooting range and do practice shooting with them for fun instead of selling them cheap I will give him more money even for more that he will get in gold. So he canceled me from his group so I cant no say my experience with him so everyone thinks he is ok. So that let me realize this individual has some serious psychological  problems, he should see a shrink before he goes rampage shooting people or something. 

I am warning you people DO NOT BUY ANYTHING western Union or 9 out of 10 you will be screwed. I don't say names to protects the individual but he should not be hard to find as is probably the only person in the world that only take Western Union as a from of payment.