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Using SCPI with Agilent N7788B Polarimeter

Question asked by jhart on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by lvxingzhe3

I am trying to use SCPI commands to communicate with my Agilent N7788B Optical Component Analyzer. I am using a National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS to connect the N7788B to my Windows 7 PC. For now, I am simply using the Keysight Connection Expert to send/receive SCPI commands to/from the N7788B.


I am able to connect to the N7788B, and when I send '*IDN?', I receive a reasonable response: " Agilent Technologies N7788B;  SWCLS=MNTE6713;SWREV=04.212;API=2;BUILD=May  4 2017 16:45:11;". So this is good.


But when I try to send any more complicated SCPI commands, I appear to be running into problems.


If, for example, I send ':POL:WAVE?' in order to query the wavelength setting, I get back "?7«x0C»«x00»«x00»«x00»«x00»?«x01»«x00»«x00»«x00»". Similarly, if I send ':POL:SOP?', I get back exactly the same thing: "?7«x0C»«x00»«x00»«x00»«x00»?«x01»«x00»«x00»«x00»".


I know that these are hex values, but I can't find any information about how they are encoded in the User's Guide. Further, it seems a little strange that two different queries would receive the same response. I suppose it's possible that it's sending me some kind of error message, but I'm not sure how to decode it so that I know what the error is. Does anyone have any suggestions?