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Labview+Keysight: Read Trace in Real32 Format

Question asked by alberto001 on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by alberto001

Hello Everyone,

I have two Keysight instruments: 1 FF 9918A e 1 HSA N9334C.

I’m using Labview to control the instruments.

My problem.

I’m in Spectrum Analyzer Mode

I want to read ‘in real time’ the trace (SCPI command is TRACe:DATA?). In Ascii format it is very simple but unfortunately very slow.

I read on FF Programming Guide I can chance the format of data (SCPI Command FORM REAL). And the faster format is REAL32.

My problem: I’m not able to transform these data in an array of real (I want to plot the trace in a Graph)

I tried lots solutions, in the screen shot you can see one of these.

Please help me to find a solution.

Thanks in advance