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PNA N5230A Display goes blank

Question asked by totalaj on Apr 18, 2006
Latest reply on May 23, 2006 by totalaj
I have two N5230A PNAs that I just upgraded firmware from 4.83 to 6.01.05.  Since upgrading, the measurement window on both instruments periodically go black (a couple times a day).  This did not occur with the older firmware. 

I did see the following note on your website :
"Dec 2003:   Note: If your PNA display occasionally goes blank (white or black), then download and install this new video driver. Place it on the PNA or leave it on a floppy, then execute it. It will extract to D:\Drivers\Display Drivers. Follow the instructions contained in the resulting ReadMe.txt file. Download this 500 KB self-extracting zip file.     For XP units, use this driver/control panel combination: Download this 1.8MB file."

This note is two years older than my instruments, should I use this driver?  Is anyone else experiencing this problem with v6.01.05 firmware?