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I have a HP34401A that will not read the 0.5 VDC offset on a 60 hz sinewave 2 Vp-p in the "auto" mode but works fine in the manual mode.

Question asked by GerryR on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by tomc

Setup is from a HP33120A arb generator, 2 V p-p, 60 Hz, +0.500 VDC offset.  Meter set to auto mode with normal 5-1/2 digit display when powered up.  The display does not auto-switch to read the 0.500 volts.  Switch to manual, and it reads the offset fine.  Did a later revision of software address / correct this issue?  My other handheld meters have no issue in the auto mode reading the offset.  For the record the firmware is 03-01-01.  Thank you for any insights into this issue.