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Timeout error on DCA-X 86100D with Command Expert

Question asked by MaxLhm on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by algoss

Hi everyone,


I'm struggling with Command Expert right now, I have a DCA-X 86100D plugged to my PC (Win 7 x64) thanks to a Keysight GPIB/USB cable.

To check the connection, I opened Connection expert, the DCA appears right where it should, there's no problem for now. I then launch Command Expert through Connection Expert and choose the Command Set I would like to use (here, I selected the Infiniium DCA 86100 Oscilloscopes command set).

Then, everytime I try to communicate with the DCA, here is what happens :


- the first time I try to connect to the device, I get a timeout error.

- once I got the timeout error while connecting, I try to connect to it again and then it works.

- then, whatever command I send, I get a timeout error (even for the *IDN? query) which goes like this "-420 query unterminated; -102, syntax error"


I don't understand why this happens, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling almost everything related to Keysight, trying different versions. I noticed that when I choose the N1010A FlexDCA command set, I can at least communicate a little but many commands don't work at all on the 86100D.


If anyone knows how to solve the problem, that would be really helpful ! Thanks