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How to measure Admittance Y21?

Question asked by beatouyoo on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by beatouyoo
Hello, I have an HP8753C and I want to measure Y21 recently as a function of swept frequency. My device has an input port and an output port and they are coupled by an acoustic wave. The input port emits an acoustic wave and the wave propagates to the output port and converted back to RF signals. What I want to measure is I_ac in port 2 over V_ac in port 1 when sending an incident wave (100MHz-600MHz) in the port 1.
I wanted to measure the S21 in Smith Chart and got the impedance. Then convert the impedance to admittance. But I found out that S21 is not really defined in Smith Chart. And even it was defined, it was not probably calculated by I_ac_2 and V_ac_1.
And ideas how can I do this? Thank any one that has any suggestions in advance.