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6812B Power Interrupt

Question asked by on Aug 17, 2017

I am having difficulty getting this functionality to work for the 6812B for the SCPI commands.  More specifically, I cannot determine what would replace:
LIST:TERM:LAST OFF (return the output to the state it was in before the pulse)
INIT:TRAN (initiate or enable the transient trigger system)
TRIG:TRAN:SOUR (Select the trigger source that will generate the pulse or pulse train)
TRIG:TRAN (generate a transient trigger)


#region IPowerSupplyWithInterrupt

/// <summary>
/// Interrupts power for the specified time.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="time">Interrupt time.</param>
/// <param name="timeUnit">Time units defaulted to milliseconds.</param>
public virtual void Interrupt(int time, TimeUnit timeUnit = TimeUnit.MilliSecond)
lock (lockObject)
double timeValue = DeviceUnits.Convert(time, timeUnit, TimeUnit.Second);


// enable the list transient function
this.Write("VOLT:MODE LIST, " + this.slotString);


// repeat count
this.Write("LIST:COUN 1, " + this.slotString);


// set amplitude of pulse - 0 volts
this.Write("LIST:VOLT 0, " + this.slotString);


// set dwell time in seconds
this.Write("LIST:DWEL " + timeValue + ", " + this.slotString);


// set the list pacing to dwell-paced
this.Write("LIST:STEP AUTO, " + this.slotString);


// return output to the pre-list state
this.Write("LIST:TERM:LAST OFF, " + this.slotString);


// Initiate the transient trigger system
this.Write("INIT:TRAN " + this.slotString);


// With initiate continuous disabled, the output trigger system must
// be initiated for each trigger using the INITiate:TRANsient command.

this.Write("INIT:CONT:TRAN OFF, " + this.slotString);



// set source to GPIB bus trigger
this.Write("TRIG:TRAN:SOUR BUS, " + this.slotString);

// generate a transient trigger
this.Write("TRIG:TRAN " + this.slotString);



// Sleep for interrupt duration to make this method match the 'blocking' behavior of other
// implementations.