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Modifying enhanced response calibration error terms for different receiver power reference planes

Question asked by jkneale on Aug 9, 2017
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We are using a PNA-X to perform measurements of an amplifier with attenuation on Port 2, and using enhanced response cal with source and receiver power calibration to help correct for its input reflection.  We calibrate to the reference plane of the DUT input, but I would like to also power calibrate the B receiver at the reference plane of the DUT output.  Unfortunately we are hobbled by a vendor-supplied software environment that doesn't support de-embedding, but it claims to support reading and writing error terms.



The goal is accuracy in applying and measuring the input power on R1 and the output power on B.   Absolute S21 phase and magnitude accuracy is not important - I can eat the loss of a short cable used as a thru for the response cal.  The match of the thru cable and attenuation on port 2 is reasonably good. 


I would like to perform a source power cal at the DUT output reference plane and use that to power calibrate the B receiver, then save whatever error terms are associate with the B receiver power cal.  Then perform an enhanced response cal at the DUT input reference.  The PNA won't merge the overlapping data from these two cal sets, so I was looking to devolve a portion of that by substituting in some error terms, if I can get away with it.


Some questions:

  • Is there anything that correlates the error terms like "Response Tracking(B), Response Tracking(b1) etc that I can manipulate programmatically?  I didn't see anything in the online help or in Dr Joel's Advanced VNA Techniques book
  • Is this a dumb idea?  Would I be better off just doing a simple response and power cal without the benefit of knowing how much is reflecting back.

- Jim