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Calibration for port 1 50 Ohm and port 2 75 Ohm

Question asked by Dmytro on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Dr_joel

I need to measure the device with a 50 Ohm input and 75 Ohm outputs. Input in N(f) and outputs are self-made connectors(f).

VNA is 5071C with cable ending N(m) 50 Ohm.

I have also a quarter-wavelength transformer from N(m) 50 Ohm to the self-made connector and self-made open, short and 75 Ohm load for this connector (made from  self-made connectors(m), so no real calibration kit data).


Measurement frequency is about 1 GHz.


What is the best way for calibration in this case? 


Can I calibrate with Ecal on port 1 and port 2, make a port extension for port 2 (for quarter-wavelength transformer from N(m) 50 Ohm to the self-made connector) and set Port Z conversion to 75 Ohm for port 2?