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Anyone know of an Android app to display a Touchstone file?

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 1, 2017

Does anybody know of any software able to display a Touchstone file on an Android phone? I really want support for both .s1p and. s2p.


I installed the following apps on my beaten up Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone.


* Blue VNA (low cost VNA)
* Touchstone Mobile (strangely seems more like a spectrum analyzer program than a VNA.)
* Keysight BenchVue


hoping that one of them would be able to display a Touchstone file. However,  every time I download a .s2p file, the phone reports it cannot display the file. I'm sure with a lot of messing around, I could read it into a spreadsheet, but wondered if anyone had done the hard work.


The Keysight Fieldfox remote control app only works on Apple devices, so I could not even try that.


I just thought I would ask here,  on the off chance someone knows of a suitable app. There are tons of apps aimed at RF engineers, but I can't say I have ever found one that I actually use.