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Connection issue with HP 34401A

Question asked by wen001 on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by wen001

Here is my problem.


I am trying to use Keysight Connection Expert to send commands to HP 34401A to prepare an automation project.

Host machine: Dell Latitude E7470

Connection Cable: Prolific PL2303HX Rev D Chipset Serial COM to USB adaptor

DMM: HP 34401A


Installed SW:

PL2303 driver. (serial port correctly enumerated as shown in Windows Device Manager).

Keysight IO library suite: 18.0.22209.2 (as seen within Connection Expert).

34401A IVI instrument driver (driver_ivi_matlab_Agilent34401_1_3_0_0_x64.msi).


Inside the Connection expert I manually added 34401A to the COM port and test the connection seems to pass. (However, test seems to pass even if I disconnected the DMM from the PL2303 while keep PL2303 connected to the PC).


However, sending command to the device fails with timeout.


I noticed that in the connection expert it’s shown that <No Installed Drivers>. When I clicked on the icon “Update”, nothing happens though.


My questions are

1. Is the issue caused by 34401A not supported any longer (at least in the latest IO libraries?
2. How I can make the Connection Expert load the correct instrument driver for the HP DMM?
3. Is PL2303 known to have issue with 34401A? I had to use Serial COM to USB adaptor as my Dell laptop doesn’t have serial com port.
4. Would I have better luck if I use an older version of the IO library? If so what version I should use?


Thank you.