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34970A - Rout:Chan:Delay causes timeout Error. Any workarounds?

Question asked by Danstack on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by tomc

I have the following ihave taken from the command expert, which is giving me trouble.  as you can see my delay is only 2 seconds, however is causing a timeout issue when the unit goes to retrieve the data.


If i set this to 1.5, it seems to capture the data OK, however i have some high capacitance measurements, which i suspect i need to increase this delay significantly, to maybe around 30 seconds or better.  


I appreciate any advice on this subject.


334970A:ROUTe:OPEN (@101:115)
434970A:ROUTe:CLOSe:EXCLusive (@101)
534970A:CONFigure:RESistance MAX,(@204,205)
634970A:ROUTe:CHANnel:DELay 2,(@204)
734970A:ROUTe:SCAN (@204)
934970A:FETCh?VI_ERROR_TMO: A timeout occurred | SCPI connection attempt timed out
1034970A:ROUTe:OPEN (@101:115)