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Wrong port of module in RF path

Question asked by MADENGR on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by daras

I'm getting an "EXECUTION ERROR: Wrong port of module in RF path" when attempting the following calibration:


N5230C VNA:

Port 1 = 3.5 mm Male

Port 2 = 3.5 mm Male


N4430A Ecal:

Port A = 3.5 mm Female

Port B = 3.5 mm Female

Port C = 3.5 mm Male

Port D = 3.5 mm Female


The guided cal (step 1 of 3) tells me to connect port 1 only, but when I connect it to either Ports A, B, or D I get the error.  I'm sure I've done same-sex cals before and have not had this error, but it has been a while.  Is there some combination of connectors on the E-cal that won't work? 


I use equal phase Maury adapters on the cables so I can always swap them out after a normal male-female cal, or do an adapter removal.