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Programmatic remote screen capture using Keysight MSOS104A oscilloscope

Question asked by cjcygan on Jul 25, 2017



I am trying to programmatically capture screen shots remotely from the Keysight MSOS104A oscilloscope.  I used the SCPI command "DISP:DATA? BMP,GRATicule"?  and tried writing to and reading from the scope but could not get a picture file readable by my computer's operating system (Windows 7 Enterprise SP1).


The attached LabView code uses the SCPI command "DISP:DATA?\sBMP,GRATicule" (with an "\s" inserted as a space character).  After opening the file "test13.bmp" Windows 7 reported an error message "Windows Photo Viewer cannot open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted, or is too large."


Windows 7 Error Message - Saving BMP file


Any ideas on how to programmatically capture a screen image from the Keysight MSOS104A oscilloscope?




Carl Cygan