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How to deal No DC annotation is available for this design?

Question asked by qxc on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by bafisher

Hellow all:


   I am a complete beginner to useing ADS. After finished the schematic diagram, I begin to simulate the circuit, and the transient simulation is through. But DC simulation has been a failure, when the system gives the following tips: 


No DC annotation information is available for this design.


1. If this design is a top-level design that can be simulated, run the simulation to produce the DC annotation information.


If you've run a simulation and there is still no DC annotation information available, it is most likely because the DC solution is not available when running an S-Parameter or AC simulation on a purely linear circuit.


2. If this design is not a simulatable design, go to the top-level, simulatable design and push down into this design using the 'View : Push into Hierarchy' command or the 'Push into Hierarchy' button on the toolbar.


   Most of the system configuration is the default, how can I DC simulation?

Thanks for the help!