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ADS/Python Vector Size Bug

Question asked by tp78 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by bafisher

I have the ADS/Python link working. End goal is to try run a simple envelope simulation, take the signal and pass it into python, perform some signal processing, and then return to ADS. I ran into issues that can be summarized by the attached description. Basically for different array lengths the shape of the returned data varies.



In a DDS I created an array of values, "temp1=[0::1::value]" where "value" is adjustable. My python script,"", takes the data passed from ADS, multiplies by 2, and returns to ADS, just to keep it simple for the time being.


Case 1 (Working):

I used a DDS equation: "RtnData=call_python_script_IO("C:\Users\petelik\Documents\Python\ADSPythonScripts","",temp1,temp1)"

For "value=999"


and the shape of the data is 2X1000. Which makes sense to me. 


Case 2 (Not Working):

I used a DDS equation: "RtnData=call_python_script_IO("C:\Users\petelik\Documents\Python\ADSPythonScripts","",temp1,temp1)"

For "value=1000"


and the shape of the data is 2004x1. Which makes NO SENSE TO ME. I will be passing in much longer than just this 999.


Python code and DDS screencaptures, are attached.