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M8190A dynamic sequencing

Question asked by adamsussex on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by thysell

I am trying to set up dynamic sequencing on my M8190A AWG. I am controlling the AWG via a C++ program which calculates the waveforms and sends the necessary commands to the AWG to upload the data. This program works for single segments but so far I have been having trouble getting it to work for sequences.

I am able to define a sequence via the soft front panel and select segments via the dynamic control input, so I know the signals I am sending to the dynamic control input are right. However, it is when I try to program sequence via C++ that I have trouble. I can define a sequence, and when I run the AWG I can always see the first segment, but when I try to switch segments using the dynamic input nothing happens.

I have tried my best to follow the instructions in the 'Generating arbitrary waveforms in dynamic mode' section of the manual. I first define my segments as usual using the 'TRACe' subsystem. Then I define a sequence table with two segments using the following commands:
":STABle1:DATA 0,#0x10000000,1,1,1,0, #0xFFFFFFFF\n"
":STABle1:DATA 1,#0x10000000,1,1,2,0, #0xFFFFFFFF\n"
Then I select the fist segment to be executed using
:TRACe1:SELect 1\n"
Then I turn dynamic mode on using
Then I select
":FUNCtion1:MODE ARB\n"
before initiating the sequence

As I say, the first segment always appears but when I try to switch using the dynamic input, nothing happens. I have also tried using function mode STS (with STABle1:SEQ:SEL instead of TRACe1:SELect) but this doesn't work either (I don't get any pulses out of the AWG at all when I do this)