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Are any other E4406A Component-level Repair documentation PDFs available?

Question asked by zmetzing on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by zmetzing

Continuing the discussion from "E4406A Fan Board problems.."


Please post any remaining component-level repair documents, as these are very useful to keep these old workhorses working!


Already posted:

A14 Fan Control Board  E4406-90066

A17 RF Assembly  E4406-90068


Unavailable (for sure):

A21 Motherboard  E4406-90071


Still wanted:

A3 Front Panel Interface Assembly E4406-90064
A12 Analog IF Assembly  E4406-90065

A15 Daughter Board E4406-90067

A18 Reference Assembly E4406-90069
A19 Synthesizer Assembly  E4406-90061

A25 Digital I/O Board  E4406-90072
A27 Rear Panel Connector Board  E4406-90073

A7 Baseband I/Q Assembly (Option B7C)