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Save waveform to rear usb

Question asked by AdrianP on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by algoss

I have remote programmed the DSOX1102G scope to setup the time-base and 2 channels. This was successful.

I am using a C library on our bespoke PC/operating system.


I cannot get the waveform to capture correctly via the read USB connection to my PC. I only need to capture about 1000 points not the full detail but. Can I use SAVE:WAVeform commands to do this as a CSV and if so how? (Using setup and WAVeform:DATA  only captures the first 1000 points.)


NOTE - I am ising this scope and a replacement for an old TEK scope and all my post processing algorithms need to remain the same for backwards compatibility. I am only looking for the peak values of my waveform and their relationship, I do not need the precision that a point by point waveform capture from its entire memory will give.


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