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3458A memory option -001 ...

Question asked by Homer on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by vjsilva1

Hello - I have an Agilent 3458A unit (Malaysian built) and want to extend memory with option -001.

Normally one needs to replace PAL device U102 with a modified logic content ...


On the Keysight website - there is a spare parts list for the 3458A that lists:

- 03458A-88810         Programmed PAL-1819-0239 for 001          cost.: 26,71 euros

   I assume this is the PAL device U102 that supports option -001 ... ?


But in same list there is a extended memory kit: 03458-87902 that says "extended memory kit - new SMT" cost: 703 euros.


Can someone explain the difference in use case and results ? What justifies the difference in cost ?


Thank you very much !