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8753ES Sampler Calibration

Question asked by mgberry on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Dr_joel

I notice that my Port B has flatten a little out after about 2.5Ghz and even more so after 5Ghz. This is seen when I do a verification after SOLT calibration against a known attenuator. This just started happening a few months ago spontaneously. I can also see this when comparing a thru using a high quality VNA cable measuring from Port1 to Port B and comparing to Port2 to PortA (See attached). 


Im assuming that service menu #53 will pull this error out. I noticed that is specifies a 24" cable for this test, but all I have is a 38" Gore FD series VNA cable. I was hoping this would be ok?


Thanks for the help.




edit: I am seeing this response independent of different cables, connectors, etc.