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Missing ioPersistedDataAccess.dll after installing latest I/O Libraries

Question asked by JohnMiles on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by khushbu001

Possibly not the right forum, but: I have a Win32 C++ application that links to visa32.lib.  After installing the latest/greatest Keysight I/O Libraries package, I'm no longer able to run this application.  An error pops up:



What's ioPersistedDataAccess.dll?  Anyone else running into this?


FYI, the version of Connection Expert associated with this installation is 18.0.22209.2, with 32-bit Keysight VISA as primary.  I can work around the problem by copying the various DLLs from \Program Files (x86)\Keysight\IO Libraries Suite\bin to the program's working directory or by adding that path to the PATH environment variable, but shouldn't the installer do that?