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Error 89410A data acquisition via Instrument driver

Question asked by VD on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by tomc


I’m having incorrect 89410A analyzer data read-out with X and Y axis VIs in “zoom” time data mode.


These 2 VI blocks are from “Agilent 894XX series” Instrument driver, connects with Analyzer via GPIB cable.

They only work properly when the analyzer in “Baseband” frequency mode but not in “Zoom” mode, which allows to select narrower span at any frequency within the analyzer’s frequency range.

Every time I archive the data from labview in zoomed mode, X/Y graph shows that there are some sorts of data range shifted and the values are completely wrong when I export it into excel.

I'm trying to fix these X/Y VIs to acquire the correct data output.

Please help!