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Can't configure Gate on E8362B PNA remotely from LabVIEW

Question asked by AngeloC on Jun 27, 2017



I have been tasked to utilize an E8362B PNA to collect some antenna data in our chamber. I am new to antenna testing as well as the utilization of a PNA. I also realize that this particular model is pretty ancient and unsupported but it is what I have available to conduct the research. .Anyway I have a LabVIEW application that communicates with the unit over a GPIB connection. I am using the PNA Library Rev 2.1.3 downloaded from the NI instrument driver Web site. For the most part everything seems to be good in that I am able to configure the unit, initiate a trigger then retrieve both the magnitude and polarity data. As we have advanced a little we would like to implement a Gate operation to eliminate reflections in the data. The problem I am observing is that when I attempt to configure the Gate settings I am not seeing the PNA display update to reflect my settings so I don't believe that the Gate operation is being performed on my data. I am using the Enable to enable the Gate, Configure to define the  Gate Filter Type (Bandpass), Gate Filter Shape (Wide), and the Configure Gate Center to set the Gate Center and Span. I am not getting any error messages but it does not appear to be working. We are operating in S21 mode. Also we are able to configure the Gate via the PNA front panel and run continuous triggers without any problems.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.