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Data Acq. 34970A W/ 34901A and 34908A

Question asked by Danstack on Jun 26, 2017
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I have the subject setup.  I 34970a with a 34901A 20 channel multiplexer and a 34908a 40 channel single ended multiplexer.


I have these wired up in a manner which I am familiar with working correctly with a proprietary software package, which I am no longer able to access, but wish to accomplish the same task by using Keysight Command expert and/or BenchVue DAQ software.


I have equipment which has connectors one each end (10 lines on each end)  I wish to connect the 34901A to one side of this equipment, and the 34908A to the other side of this equipment.  I need to measure Resistance (impedance) on each of these cross connections.


The 34901A has Channels 1 through 10 wired with a single conductor on each of the "H" inputs for the channel.  


This also has a single conductor going from the "Sense H" to the "Source H", then conductors from each of these Sense H and Source H to the 34908A as seen in the image link below.


The 34908A has Channels 1 through 10 wired with a single conductor on each of the first 10 channels.  See picture below:


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While playing around with the command expert, I cannot figure out how to get the measurements i wish to capture.  I want to measure from channel 1 on the 34901A to each of the 10 channels on the 34908A, and proceed with this type of test until i have a grid style set of results showing the resistance from all of the 10 connections to each of the other 10 connections.


Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!