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hpeesofsim – simulate netlist from command line with custom PDK

Question asked by vlin on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by bafisher

Some components in a design may source from a PDK file ("File" parameter). These are stored as filenames, not filepaths. For example (in the MMIC_LNA_wrk example):

source_via_cktName:SrcVia1 N__5 File="demo_Bvia_FETvia.s1p" Temp=25
bondpad_cktName:BondPad1  P1 N__26 File="demo_BP.s2p" Temp=25
bvia_cktName:BVia2 N__30 File="demo_Bvia_FETvia.s1p" Temp=25

The filenames are provided as parameters but they are stored in a PDK separate from the workspace. This causes a file not found error when simulating from command line, though the simulation works fine in ADS. I have tried adding the directory that contains the file to %PATH% but it did not solve the problem.

Is there anything that can be done to the environment to make the simulation run without modifying the netlist? I expected ADS netlist files to be capable of simulation out-of-the-box, though it seems that there are obstacles created by the export.