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Question asked by Sima on Jun 26, 2017
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Hello All,


I have a complete RF test program developed in VEE. Now this test program is going to be used on a test computer to test a product. My problem is that there needs to be a wrapper around this program which calls the VEE test program and also controls a handler which changes the DUT. There is a need for handshake between the test program and the handler controller.  To explain it more clearly this is what I need to implement.


Handler controller program:

      1/checks the ready to change flag

      2/checks the bin number and takes the tested DUT to appropriate tray

      3/places a new device in the test fixture

      4/sets a ready to test flag

RF_Test.vxe test:

     1/checks ready to test flag

     2/tests the device

     3/sets the bin number and the ready to change flag


So, the RF_Test.vxe needs to be able to sent out data to be used by another program and wait for data to be provided by another program. I would appreciate any advice you can provide, even suggestions to new implementation tactics.


Best Regards